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I Am. When?

I had decided a while back to do something with the Proverbs webspace, to put it to some use other than wasted Internet space. Not that Proverbs, LLC is gone, just that the purpose of the company's website, to provide "off the shelf" software via the Internet, is no longer needed. For quite some time the only item available through the Proverbs website has been our Event Calendar and I have been musing over what to do with the space.

I have also been mulling over writing further magazine or Internet articles for publication, if not a book (I know grand designs and all that). Unfortunately, life has always had a way of stealing my time away, as is the case of most everyone I imagine. Or is it that I, we, have refused to free up the time to do these things?

Perhaps, perhaps not. What I do know is that there are many projects which I have been tossing around in my head, some started and stopped, others put to the back of my mind only to resurface at another interval along this road we call life. These projects are important to me, such as my writings, or in some cases ramblings, yet I, we, always seem to find a way to push the majority aside to pursue other aspects of life. Never taking the risks, never tasting the rewards, or the failures.

And this is what IAMWHEN is about. For all the times I have been asked, or have asked myself, "Are you going to do this?" and responded "I Am." For all the times I have, to that very response, found myself asking "When?" Well... Now. So without further rambling, and on behalf of myself and Proverbs, LLC, I present IAMWHEN.COM


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