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I Bit My Tongue Off

I started this blog a year ago for a variety of little reasons, but mostly I started it to write. It was to be my outlet in a way that only yelling from the roof of a building at the top of your lungs could be. I get thoughts on my brain and I need to let them out, much in the same way that we all get cravings for a particular food and you just have got to have it.

Just like how other foods do not taste as good until that craving has been satisfied, writing about other topics while something is swirling in the back of my mind doesn't hit the spot. Only with a food craving we have to eat. We get hungry and, whether or not we can get that Lobster Bisque, we know we have to eat and so we do. Well, I don't have to write. There are no paid banners or advertisements that I have to think about keeping a readership coming back to the website for. There is only the time it takes me to put up an entry and the costs to maintain a web-space. Nothing to force me to write; except the outlet of thoughts and ideas. And that is what iamwhen is here for.

The problem is that this whole Internet fad (Trust me; it won't last more than a year or two. Really.) is open to the world. Everyone from everywhere can read what I write tonight or tomorrow or even what I wrote a year ago. That has been a problem for me because HR personnel and hiring managers have passed over people due to what they find with a simple Google search during the hiring process. The things they have found aren't "tear down the government, communism forever" or even "I like having sex on my desk at the office" kind of stuff, but rather a photo of the applicant in a bikini on their myspace page. Stupid things like that.

If a simple photo taken at the beach can mean the difference between "You're hired" and "Don't call us (and we won't call you)", what would my view that Creationism should not be taught in schools do for my chances at employment (especially working in the South)? What about all my other views on things that some might find even more controversial?

So when Georgia invaded the breakaway nation of South Ossetia and we (the United States and most of the world) condemned Russia for kicking their ass back across the border straight to the Georgian capital city (similar to what the U.S.A and U.N. did to Iraq when Iraq invaded the nation of Kuwait), I bit my tongue. When the Presidential race was underway and politics were on everyone mind, I bit my tongue. On and on I bit my tongue, until finally I became mute.

I couldn't get any words to come out except those things I worried about voicing, because somewhere, someone in HR or some manager will ignore 20 years of industry experience, world class training and certifications, miles of recommendations, and a mind accepted into MENSA; and instead decide that I should not get the job or the promotion or the raise because they disagree with my opinion. And that was the problem. Because we live in a world where that does happen.

Well, screw them. If someone is that much of a moron to see that their opinion is wrong (because it disagrees with mine) and thinks that a difference of opinions or a spoken point of view matters more than ability and experience, well then they are someone I do not want to work with, for, or around. That is my stance and we'll see if it works better than the previous "silence is golden" one.

A little crazy glue and my tongue has been reattached (I might need some duct tape until the glue dries); and I will once again be posting my mind. Regardless of what topic is on my mind. And hopefully voicing those thoughts that swirl around in the back of my head will once again allow me to write about topics that I feel passionate about (robotics) instead of opinionated on (Palin? Really? I mean, REALLY?).


I Am. When? on : I Have No Words

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Before you read on down further I would like to point out that I was told by an old friend that I have rather liberal views. She might be right, but I am pretty certain that this blog entry will see me firmly seated in both liberal and conservative hell.

I Am. When? on : Welcome to I Am. When?

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Welcome to I Am. When?, the personal blog for Andrew Maxim (that's me over there --> ), as well as previous web space for Proverbs, LLC. On this blog you will find entries dealing with robotics, information systems & technologies, and miscellaneous &

I Am. When? on : Classical Mechanics Rule

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In the entry I Bit My Tongue Off, I spoke about getting thoughts on my brain and needing to let them out. Well, this hypothesis is one of those things. It has had me bouncing ideas off people all day. It has had me reading up on physics, which I have n


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Vanessa (Buttry) Moorman on :

Still sounds like the Max I knew forever ago. Of course we are very opposed on the views- mine are still conservative and yours rather liberal!

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