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Busy Weekend

Yes, I took a week off. I know. I've only been back at the blog station for a few months and already taking vacations. It's not my fault, my brain made me do it. Actually, my brain wanted me to go away for this entire weekend with only a good book designed to be read strictly for enjoyment. While I do have a new Raymond Feist book sitting on my bookshelf, I am not so sure my brain deserves that much of a vacation. Reading just for pleasure? Preposterous! Gaining knowledge is pleasure enough.

Incase you were wondering, I think I may have snapped a little bit. Mostly the whole Physics thing. I try to do any one thing and instead I am suddenly looking up how my hypothesis is supported by this proof of that theory. Two weeks ago I had never even heard of Frame-Dragging and now I know that it is a whole Relativity space-time distortion thing that was proven partially by Gravity Probe B. I also know how that same proof actually supports my hypothesis 100%. Fourteen million theories to fill in the gaps for one theory, or one hypothesis that doesn't need smoke and mirrors. Baffles my mind which way the science community has gone. Baffles it more that not one of my three readers knows someone who dated someone who knows someone who copied exam answers off a theoretical physicist. Six degrees of separation my ass.

Anyway, despite my brain's protests, I didn't give myself the weekend off. I have electricity producing algae to rotate, a Home Automation audio system to get working, and Herbert generations 4, 5 & 6 to build out. Hmmm. Ooops. Forgot to mention anything about Generations 5 and 6. I'll get a post up for that Monday at the normal time. Sorry. There is also the tutorial on the tactile sensors to post (need to crop the pictures down) and the two part mold making tutorial as well (one part poured mold has been posted incase you missed it). Then there is something about an HD100 in placeshifter mode that no longer wants to work right with my SageTV server. Also the solar air pump that needed a new connector rod to be lathed out and attached. And those are just the additional weekend projects beyond my normal weekend activities.

Busy weekend indeed, but that is precisely the way I like it.


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